Everything You Need to Know About BARK’s “CatBox”

Since the advent of BarkBox, y’all have been asking for a “CatBox.” We have read the thousands of emails, comments, and even HANDWRITTEN letters, begging us to “think of the cats.” Well, we are happy to announce that after years of being worn down, we are finally launching “CatBox.”

Now, you can rip the joy of #barkbox day from your dog and give it to your cat (who will DEFINITELY be equally appreciative)! All you have to do is go to your account dashboard, head over to the “Add-Ons” section, and search…


But you knew that, didn’t you. Deep down (in the pit of your gut), you knew that this was all an elaborate ruse to get you to this very article— and yet, here you are. You are either a very hopeful individual, OR you love a good April Fool’s Day joke. Either way, we are happy you are here.

HAPPY APRIL FOOL’S DAY! Be safe today, there are wacky brands out there trying to fool you into reading pointless articles!

Thanks for playing along, and reading to the end of this article. As a thank you, we will be sending the first 10 people to email squirrels@barkbox.com a picture of their cat, with the subject line “CatBox,” a special package.

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